What is iziExport?

iziExport is an Adobe InDesign Add-on that allows you to export tagged InDesign documents to WordPress.

How much is iziExport?

The price of iziExport is $69.95. There is also a trial version fully functional, only limited by the amount of exports.

In what versions of Adobe InDesign does it work?

iziExport works on InDesign CC versions (InDesign CC, CC2014, CC2015 and CC2017).

How to install?

Step 1. Make sure you have installed the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Add-ons require the Creative Cloud Desktop App and at least one compatible Adobe application to be installed. If you have not already installed the Creative Cloud Desktop App you can get it from https://creative.adobe.com/products/creative-cloud

Step 2. Adquire the iziExport Add-on here:

Step 3. Creative Cloud Desktop App automatically sync/download and install iziExport Add-on, and a toast notification appears on your screen to indicate that iziExport Add-on has been installed.

Step 4. Find iziExport from the Window→Extensions menu in Adobe InDesign.

Do you have problems with the installation?

Adobe has reported issues when installing Add-ons on computers with Extension Manager CC and Creative Cloud Desktop App both installed. Make sure yout don't have both installed. If you have problems with the installation please see the following troubleshooting guide for Adobe add-ons. ( https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/19 )

Where to find it?

Once installed, find iziExport from the Window→Extensions menu in Adobe InDesign.
If you don't find it, please see the following troubleshooting guide for Adobe add-ons. ( https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/19 )

How to login into WordPress from iziExport?

- Enter your domain. E.g. https://www.mydomain.com
- Enter your WordPress login and password.
- Enter the XML-RPC path (only needed if not being at the root level)
- If it doesn't work please check that you have entered the URLs with https://

Do you have problems to login?

Step 1. Verify that XML-RPC path is correct.

If your WordPress root is http://www.example.com/wordpress:

If the path is correct, you should be able to access to the file xmlrpc.php with the following URL:

Step 2. Verify that your WordPress site has XML-RPC protocol enabled.

Following the example of step 1, you can check it out by entering the following URL on your browser:

If XML-RPC protocol is enabled, you should get back the following message: XML RPC server accepts POST requests only.

Otherwise, to enable the XML-RPC protocol, go to Configuration > Write > Remote Publishing and check the checkbox.

For more information visit:

Which elements can contain the InDesign article to be exported?

- Tagged text frames
- Tagged rectangles frames with an image placed in it.
- Groups of two elements, a rectangle frame tagged as image and a text frame tagged as caption. These elements will be exported as an image with its corresponding caption.
- Groups of more than two elements. They will be converted into an image. This is the way to export vector graphics created in InDesign.

Groups must be first created and then added to the article.

Why aren't some elements exported?

- Check that the elements has been added to the article.
- Check that the element currently selected in the layout is part of the article.
- Check that only one element of the article is tagged as title.

Which specific tags should I use?

title for the title or post name
text for the main text
image for images
caption for captions

The rest of the elements of an article (subtitles, summaries, etc.) can have any tag. They will be exported at the end of the main text, depending on the option selected in the ID Extra Tags combo box.
Any image must be grouped with its corresponding caption.

How are WP custom fields set up in iziExport?

In User Fields area, in the first column, enter the name of the WP custom field. In the second column, enter the text to export. Fields defined will be exported in each export.

What happens if the text frame tagged as title has multiple typographies?

iziExport will export the text with the biggest font size with the tag title. The rest of the text will be exported with the tag extratitle and placed at the end of the main text into WordPress.

Can't you export the caption?

- Tag the image as image and text as caption.
- Group.
- Add the group to the article.


1.0.3 version
- Export multiple InDesign articles. Now, you can export all the articles of your InDesign document at once in three clicks. Each InDesign article is exported as a different WordPress post.
- Configure the resolution of the images to export, from 72dpi to 300 dpi.

1.0.2 version
- Ready to InDesign CC 2017.
- Export the summary tag (tagged with Adobe Indesign) to Excerpt (WordPress field).
- Export other tags (tagged with Adobe Indesign) to WordPress custom fields with the same name.

1.0.1 version
- Export an article with a paragraph with a "title" tag inside a text frame tagged with a "text" tag.
- Export images and groups anchored in a story.
- Images can be exported like featured images into WordPress.
- Warning when you try to export a new document without save.